Document & Paper Shredding Fort Worth

Mobile Shred IT offers streamlined, safe document and paper shredding services through the greater Fort Worth, Texas area. We provide a wide range of shredding solutions for both organizations and individuals. No matter what documents you need shredded or how many you have to shred, you can count on our certified Fort Worth document and paper shredding services for both residential and commercial needs.

What We Offer

Handle all of your shredding needs at Mobile Shred IT. We have a wide range of shredding services available to help you properly dispose of your paper documents. Our Fort Worth paper and document shredding include:

  • Mobile shredding in Fort Worth
  • Fort Worth Commercial shredding services
  • Residential shredding
  • Insured, bonded drop off shredding locations
  • Pop-up shredding events at several nearby locations, making it easier to find one near you.
  • Affordable document shredding. Secure shredding services for only $1 per gallon!
  • Neighborhood Shredding Parties so the entire community can handle their shredding at once.

No matter what documents you need shredded, we can help. Bring your mail, records, credit card statements, contracts, or anything else for proper disposal.

Benefits of Fort Worth Shredding

There are several key reasons to shred your paper documents. Document shredding is important for both individuals and companies alike. Your old financial records, mail, and documents may seem useless to you, but they are valuable to thieves. Simply recycling your paper documents is not a safe or secure method of disposal, as people can access your trash and steal your personal information from the documents. Paper shredding is an easy way to prevent identity theft and protect your personal information. The top benefits of document and paper shredding in Fort Worth are:

  • Cost-effective. Fort Worth shredding is a cost-effective method for disposing of your documents.
  • Compliance. Follow legal compliance regulations for the correct disposal of confidential documents.
  • Sustainability. Correctly discard of your paper documents by shredding prior to recycling.
  • Safety. Protect your personal information and sensitive data by shredding documents before disposal.

Mobile Shred IT for Fort Worth Document Shredding

For the best paper and document shredding services in the Fort Worth and surrounding areas, look no further than Mobile Shred IT. As a Texas owned and operated business, we offer the top shredding solutions for the Fort Worth area.

No matter how much you have to shred, we are happy to help. We can provide an on-site survey and price quote within 24 hours. We also offer mobile shredding services and even Neighborhood Shredding Event to facilitate easy shredding in your community. You can also drop off your documents for shredding at our bonded and insured location for only $10 per bankers box. We also come to several locations near you, just check out our upcoming shreds for more information.

Bring your documents and paper to our drop off location 505 Airline Drive, Coppell, TX 75019. If you would like to learn more about our shredding services or have any questions, contact us at [email protected] or call us! Our services are not only limited to shredding but also offer additional recycling services such as:



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