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Thinking of just throwing out old hard drives, computers, tablets, or phones? Think again. Those electronics contain sensitive information that could pose a security risk if not managed properly. Mobile Shred IT is here to help you manage all your assets properly and securely. Our electronic recycling services include:

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Why is Data Destruction Important?

Your electronics have confidential data that may seem to be gone when wiped or rest. Unfortunately, there are individuals with the motive and technological savvy to retrieve that data you’d thought was erased. When it comes down to it, you are responsible that proper destruction was performed.

What’s a Security Breach?

A security breach occurs when information that’s supposed to be confidential falls into the wrong hands. Security breaches happen more often than you might think, to both large and small businesses or even individuals. Consequences associated with breaches can be financial, or legal.


Businesses often suffer financial losses from data breaches, because they have to figure out a way to compensate for the customers affected by the breach and/ or toughen up their security standards, which may mean having to hire additional staff.

Further, security breaches can shut down your company temporarily due to investigation, slowing your business and causing you to lose your clientele to competitors.

Data Disposal Procedures

There are three methods of properly destroying data: overwriting, degaussing, and shredding.


Software programs are used to overwrite hard drives. This is a useful technique because you can reuse the hard drive afterward and continue the life cycle of an item before it goes to raw metal recycling.


Degaussing is magnetically erasing data from hard drives and tapes. It’s more secure than overwriting because it also destroys the media on which the data is stored. This method also renders the device inoperable and end of life.


Shredding is the physical destruction of the media containing data. It is the most secure of the three techniques because it completely demolishes the media and any chance of accessing the data from the device.

What Happens After Data is Destroyed?

The two most typical practices after data is removed from devices are value recovery and value recycling. With value recovery, once the data is off of the drive, the device is resold and reused. Value recycling, as the name suggests, involves the recycling of the device into new material to generate feedstock for manufacturers.

In the information age, you can’t afford to throw out your devices with the trash. If you don’t dispose of data conscientiously, you risk putting your business or personal information in jeopardy. To ensure your safety and well-being hire skilled professionals. Call us today for a free estimate.

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