Who We Are

United Electronic Recycling now owns and operates Mobile Shred IT to protect their customers through secure paper destruction services. Mobile Shred IT’s paper destruction procedures use the highest level of compliance that guarantees the permanent destruction of your data. Upon completion, you will be provided with a Certificate of Destruction ensuring your full compliance with all regulatory and compliance laws. Once shredded, all paper is recycled, adhering to our zero-landfill initiative for sustainability.

Mobile Shred IT will securely destroy all paper documents.

Documents that should always be shredded:

  • Bank statements
  • Bidding strategies
  • Blueprints
  • Checks
  • Credit card and loan applications
  • Contracts
  • Estate records
  • Financial records
  • Legal contracts
  • Manuals
  • Medical records
  • Payroll information
  • Tax documents
  • CDs
  • Hard drives
  • Media tapes

Mobile Shred IT offers comprehensive paper shredding solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs and goals. Services offered include:

  • One-time on-site shredding service
  • Regularly scheduled on-site shredding
  • Hard drive destruction
  • One-time collection with off-site secure shredding
  • Regularly scheduled collection with off-site shredding
  • Residential paper shredding
  • Combined collection of electronic waste and shredding service
  • Data and Document Storage
  • Media Destruction
  • X-Ray Destruction
  • Shredding Events
  • Secure Recycle Bin Collection

On-Site Shredding Services

Shredding on-site is an easy, convenient process that many organizations, communities, and individuals greatly enjoy. Mobile shredding is a simple process that takes place at your premises. Mobile Shred IT’s On-site shredding process:

  • A highly trained professional shredder will be scheduled for service at your convenience with a mobile shredding vehicle.
  • Secure equipment is used to transport documents to mobile shredding vehicle.
  • All documents are shredded on-site, with the opportunity to witness the entire process.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided ensuring your full compliance with state and federal privacy.
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