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Far too many Fort Worth companies end up sending all of their old computers and devices to the landfill. Not only is this an environmental hazard, but it is also a security risk. Data thieves can easily scavenge to find hard drives and electronic devices that contain data and compromise your important personal data. If any unauthorized sources obtain the data from your discarded tech, you or your company could face a huge security breach.

To prevent this very serious problem, Fort Worth companies need to utilize top of the line data destruction services. But what is data destruction and how do you find the right provider? We are here to help; Read on to learn everything you need to know about data destruction in Fort Worth.

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The Importance of Data Destruction

The first big reason you need data destruction is for compliance. As of 2019, the International Organization of Standardization released a benchmark for the management of personal information. Data is considered a global asset, so you’ll need a professional data destruction company to remain compliant with global standards.

Security is another key reason for data destruction. Any data in the form of hardcopy, hardware, or software needs to be immensely secure. You must be able to track all assets, and only authorized parties should have access to the data-bearing items. Data destruction ensures that security logistics are airtight and only hire trusted employees. They use security facilities to store and then safely destroy your data or shred physically on-site.

Standards for the Disposal of Digital Data

The best digital destruction companies in Fort Worth adhere to the critical standards for digital data disposal. The important standards include:

  • The IRS’s Media Sanitization Guidelines.
  • The Department of Defense Standard (DOD 5220.22M)
  • NIT 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization

The three disposal methods described by the IRS has a description of the three basic disposal methods which are:

  • Shredding. Make the device inoperable by melting, shredding, or crushing it. This option is a strong security measure that nearly guarantees the data is inaccessible to any attackers. Keep in mind, destroying the drive will render your device inoperable.
  • Degaussing. Degaussing information is the second-highest tier of data disposal. You can still keep your equipment, but the in-depth process will be able to thwart off even advanced tracks. This method ensures a stringent security measure..
  • Overwriting information. Overwriting is a form of clearing the information and data from a device. This is a wipe that will be able to withstand recovery programs. You’ll be able to keep the device to reuse or recycle.

Types of Data Destruction

The top data destruction firms often offer several options. Value recycling and value recovery are two of the most common services.

Value recycling is an option for destroyed drives. Only 20% of the 50 million tons of e-waste we create each year are recycled. It’s our responsibility to do our part to manage e-waste with data, and that’s what value recycling allows us to do. Value recycling salvages the usable components of the destroyed drive, putting the valuable materials to good use.

Value recovery is a safe, affordable way to dispose of old electronics that contain secure information. The data destruction company will clear the devices and then those items can potentially be reused and have their life cycle extended.

Schedule Your Data Destruction in Fort Worth

You need a data destruction firm that will keep your information secure, and one that meets your unique needs. That’s exactly what we do with our experienced team here at MSI. To learn more about our data destruction services or to schedule your service, contact us today HERE.

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