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Happy New YEar!

new year's resolution - be more awesome!

As we roll into 2018, celebrating with our families and friends, we are thinking about the past year and how difficult it was for so many. We see so much anger and fear trickling down from the top; not quite the trickle down the country was promised, right?

We are reminded of a compelling story called Sometimes We Save Each Other. You may want to click over to read the story and see the cute photo of the main characters. But if you don't have time, the gist of the story is that a turtle, a frog and a spider end up saving each other from a 3-day storm and a pool filter, and the author talks about how the turtle-frog-spider talisman can remind us that we've all got it in us to be good.

So in this upcoming year and beyond, we hope that times will be easier for everyone and that peace and happiness will reign. But beyond hope, perhaps action can do the trick. Please, if you can, spare a hand to someone in need, reach out to them no matter who they are. As well, if you need a hand, take the hand that is offered to you with gratitude and humility. And let's all cut each other some slack for gosh sakes! You never know, you may need some slack tomorrow or the next day!

As always, we wish you a happy and blessed holiday with your family and friends and we pray for the safety of all loved ones serving our communities and overseas. And a huge shout out to our first responers - police, fire, emergency, and animal control personnel who are on the job 24/7!

Dallas - July 7, 2016

When evil men shout ugly words of hatred, good men must commit themselves to the glories of love.

We are heartbroken over the disturbing, and horribly violent, events ocurring across the nation and in our home city of Dallas, Texas.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to friends and families of the victims of violence at home and across the nation. Our admiration goes out to all of the first responders and supporters who have worked selflessly throughout an unbearable event. Please do what you can to work for peace and help our nation to heal.

New Drop-off Location

mobile shred it is moving soon!

Mobile Shred It is on the move in more ways than one! Our new drop-off address is 2081 Hutton Dr., Suite 103, Carrollton Texas 75006. Click here for directions and a map to our new location.You can also call us to come to you!

Schedule a truck or drop-off today by calling 214-337-3227.

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Please do not mix paper recycling items or wet trash with documents to be shredded.

We are locally owned and operated, NCTRCA and HUB certified.

MOBILE SHRED IT is a full–service, secure document destruction company offering off-site* and on-site shredding services for the unbelievable price of only $1 per gallon.
*Drop offs welcomed by appointment only

Be sure to ask us about our Neighborhood Shredding Parties! Instead of throwing your unwanted junk mail, which often contains sensitive data, into the garbage, you and your neighbors can have a "mobile shredding event"! Bring your bags of old bills, checks and other sensitive financial documents and have them shredded by MOBILE SHRED IT.

By utilizing MOBILE SHRED IT, you and your company will save both time and money, all the while ensuring that confidential documents are destroyed. Contact us today!


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